5 Litre Jerry can
Dimensions: 186.5mm(L) x 130mm(B) x 278mm(H)Neck Size: 38mm
Weight: 120g, 150g, 180g, 200g
Closure: 38mm Ratchet capFeatures: Fits into the standard 5 litre corrugated box.Pack Size: 56/Bundle

5 Litre Hex 
Dimensions: 160mm(D) x 299mm(H)
Neck Size: 38mm
Weight: 95g, 120g
Closure: 38mm capFeatures: The eight corner design leads to a strong, lightweight and therefore economic bottle.Pack Size: 35/Bundle

5 Litre Polycan 
Dimensions: 185mm x 135mm x 283mm(H)
Neck Size: 34.25mm
Weight: 160g - 200g
Closure: 38mm capPack Size: 56/Bundle

10 Litre Quickserve
Dimensions: 254.5mm x 175mm x 309.5mm(H)
Cap Size: 54mm
Weight: 600g
Tap Size: 3/4″ BSP Thread.Includes tap for easy dispensing.Pack Size: Min 24 per Pack

10 Litre Polycan 
Dimensions: 230mm(L) x 191mm(B) x 318mm(H)
Cap Size: 43mm
Weight: 400g
Closure: 43mm CapFeatures: Stackable.Pack Size: 30/Bundle

10 Litre Reserve Fuel Can 
Dimensions: 254.5mm x 175mm x 309.5mm(H)
Neck Size: 54mm
Weight: 600g
Closure: 54mm tap with pouring spout.Specifically designed as reserve fuel can for domestic use.Pack Size: 24/Bundle

20 Liter Square Drum
Dimensions: 281mm x 281mm x 381mm(H)Cap Size: 60mm/52mmWeight: 850g – 1600gClosure: External thread, Trisure and ValtightFeatures: Excellent stackability.Pack Size: 12/BundleUNSPEC: UNCT 1439, 1000g – 1100g

20 Liter New Pallet Drum 
Dimensions: 404.5mm x 244.5mm x 290mm(H)Cap Size: 60mmWeight: 850g – 1200gClosure: 60mm CapFeatures: Excellent space utilisation and stackability.Pack Size: 12/ BundleUNSPEC: UNCT 1443, 1000g – 1100g