Elcometer Drying Time & Permeability

Elcometer 5100 Payne Permeability Cups

When developing a coating process, it is important to know the exact time it takes for the coating to dry or cure. For multicoat paint systems, having knowledge of the drying time enables the operator to know when any subsequent layers can be applied. There are many stages involved in the coating drying time. Once a coating has been applied, it levels off under gravity, and, as the coating begins to cure, a thin dry film appears on the surface. The coating then continues to dry until, finally, it is totally cured.

Permeability: Describes how much and how fast moisture transfers through a film as vapour. The film is gripped between a ring fitted with a seal and the cup, which contains a quantity of water or desiccant.

Permeability Cups:  When applying a multicoat system, it is often acceptable to apply a subsequent coat before the previous coat has fully cured. Payne Permeability Cups can be used to determine the degree to which the volatile liquid can permeate any subsequent layer.

Linear drying time recorder 

Payne permeability cups