Elcometer Material Thickness Testing

205, 206 & 206DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

The Elcometer range of ultrasonic material thickness gauges has been designed specifically to be easy to use, calibrate, take readings and create inspection reports.

With a wide range of measurement modes including: Pulsed Echo (PE), Echo Echo ThruPaint™ (EE) and Velocity Mode (VM), and a wide range of intelligent dual element transducers, the new ultrasonic thickness gauges can measure the material thickness of virtually any material such as metals, plastics, glass, epoxies and ceramics.

Ideal for measuring material thickness when only one side of the material is accessible, the ultrasonic thickness gauges can measure the material thickness and sound velocity of coated and uncoated surfaces.

From a steel thickness gauge to a gauge which ignores the thickness of the coating, Elcometer has a complete range of ultrasonic thickness gauges to meet your specific requirements.

204 Steel Ultrasonic material thickness gauge

304 Ultrasonic thickness gauge

Dual element transducer

204 Steel thickness gauge

205, 206 & 206DL thickness gauge

208 & 208Dl Ultrasonic ThruPaint™ thickness gauge

Ultrasonic thickness gauge transducers