Speed products

SHIMPO’s Speed product line consists of our renowned handheld tachometers, stroboscopes, panel meter products and sensors for high quality testing.

SHIMPO stroboscopes designed for quality control, motion analysis and maintenance procedures including, production line checks, gear movement and engagement, propellers, turbines, monitoring vibrating parts, oil leak checks and a host of other industrial and scientific operations.


SHIMPO stroboscopes enable the user to view stopped motion, when in actuality the equipment or media is moving at a high speed rate. Our stroboscopes are loaded with many features, including phase shifting. The digital display allows the flash rate (FPM) to be read as rotational speed measurement (RPM) or reciprocating speed for conditions where a handheld tachometer is impractical.


SHIMPO’s hand-held tachometers, measures the total number of revolutions of a shaft or number of pulses of reciprocating equipment. The various models can measure and record last/max/min and up to 10 readings using up to 16 different units of measure. Our tachometers are designed for applications such as motor Speed/Conveyor Speed/Fan Speed/Length Measurements that measure rpm of motors or shafts, either contact or non-contact with Laser style combination tachometer.



Rugged and reliable, our 1/8 din panel mount tachometers are designed for both the OEM and retrofit markets and are suitable for a broad range of applications. From the economical DT-5RL-1, 2 or 3 to the sophisticated yet affordable DT-5TXR with optional output modules, SHIMPO panel tachometers are engineered to meet the strictest tolerances.

SHIMPO’s Panel Mount Tachometers, measuring conveyor speed, Measuring motor speed, After-market boat/truck/auto, and After-market PLC (with correct modules).


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Like our well-known handheld tachometers, SHIMPO panel mount counters are extremely durable, dependable and are designed to meet the strictest tolerances. With snap fit designs, installation is simple.


Numerous applications include speed display, pump flow monitoring, process speed monitoring, These units are commonly used in the OEM and retrofit markets. They display total length of packaging material, monitor the number of products on a conveyor or other processes where a total count is essential.


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SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS offers a variety of sensors and rotary pulse generators to send various trigger signals to panel tachometers, counters and stroboscopes. When coupled with the appropriate SHIMPO panel meter or stroboscope, our sensors can be used in many different operating environments from laboratory to hazardous Class I -Group C&D and Class II- Group E, F, & G.

Sensor applications are as limitless as the applications for the panel meters and stroboscopes that the sensors are designed to work with.