Torque products

SHIMPO’s Torque product line includes the TNP-Series and TRC-Series for accurate and precise testing.


Digital Torque Meter

Torque Meter is used in medical, pharmaceutical, industrial quality control, R&D and countless other torque applications. As a cap torque analyzer, the TNP repeatedly determines bottle closure and breakaway torque.

TRC Digital Torque Tool Checker

Fast, accurate and convenient calibration of torque wrenches, torque drivers, and the Series TRC Digital Torque checker is a user friendly instrument for calibrating or measuring torque values. The single button operation does it all-Zero, Test, Store & Repeat.


The TT Digital Torque Tool Tester is a simple operation test instrument for quickly checking torque tool performance. The TT Series provides exceptional accuracy for measuring torque on various products including torque wrenches, manual screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers, pneumatic screwdrivers and other torque controlled power tools.